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As a Mazda owner in Amarillo, TX, doing so is easy with the Mazda-approved tire brands and highly-trained Mazda service professionals at Mazda of Amarillo.


Mazda Tire Department in Amarillo, TX

There are a million ways you can use your Mazda. Some people love the SUVs because of their reliability, efficiency, and great performance for the whole family, others love the sleek look of our sedans and how they feel to drive. You can take your Mazda just about anywhere - out to the trails, up into the mountains, deep into the heart of the city, and everywhere in between. Wherever you decide to go with your Mazda, make sure you don’t set off without a set of high-quality tires that have been maintained by Mazda certified technicians.


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Mazda of Amarillo understands that getting your vehicle equipped with high-quality tires is only the beginning of the process, which isn’t complete without certified service to keep those tires wearing evenly. Any of the tire services you schedule online with Mazda of Amarillo are designed to help you get the most out of your tires, keep them from prematurely wearing out, and maximize their life (and your vehicle’s overall performance). Schedule any of the following Mazda tire services online, and our service professionals will gladly do all they can to keep those tires in excellent shape.

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Wheel Alignment (2WD, AWD, 4WD)


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Tire Balancing


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Tire Patching Services


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Tire Inspection


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Purchase New Mazda Tires at Mazda of Amarillo

Everywhere you look, it seems like you see local discount tire stores. While these stores seem like a great option for a lot of people, they don’t provide you with the same access to Mazda-approved high-quality tire brands from the manufacturers you trust, and they don’t come with Mazda certified technicians installing them. When you purchase a new set of tires through Mazda of Amarillo, you know that you’re only going to be sold the best of the best, and you’ll have the most highly qualified technicians installing them whenever you need new ones. Check out our service & parts specials for affordable maintenance services.

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Certified Service at Mazda of Amarillo Extends the Life of Your Tires

Whether you’re in an emergency situation and need tire patching services to correct a flat, or you’re being the proactive, conscious Mazda owner and want to schedule regular tire rotations, we’ve got you covered at Mazda of Amarillo. Our certified technicians are trained to know all there is to know about Mazda vehicles and work on the tires of vehicles just like yours every day. They’ll know what to look for, how to correctly address common issues, and how to make sure that your tires keep their great tread for as long as possible. On top of this, certified service protects your Mazda warranty - schedule your tire services online today at Mazda of Amarillo.


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